Genus X Rhabdochromatium Dilling Liesack and Pfennig 1996 362VP Effective publication Dilling Liesack and Pfennig 1995 130

Johannes F Imhoff

Rhab''tium. Gr. n. rhabdos a rod; Gr. n. chromatium color, paint; M.L. neut. n. Rhabdochromatium colored rod.

Cells straight or slightly bent rods, motile by a polar tuft of flagella, multiply by binary fission. Gram negative, belong to the Gammaproteobacteria, and contain internal photosynthetic membranes of vesicular type in which the photosynthetic pigments bacteriochlorophyll a and carotenoids are located.

Metabolism obligately phototrophic and strictly anaerobic. Photolithoautotrophic growth with hydrogen, sulfide, S0, and thi-osulfate as electron donors. During oxidation of sulfide, globules of sulfur are stored inside the cells as intermediary product. Final oxidation product is sulfate. In the presence of sulfide and bicarbonate, simple organic substrates are photoassimilated.

Mesophilic marine bacteria that require NaCl for growth, optimum growth at neutral pH and 20-35°C. The mol% G + C of the DNA ts: 60.4.

Type species: Rhabdochromatium marinum Dilling, Liesack and Pfennig 1996, 362 (Effective publication: Dilling, Liesack and Pfennig 1995, 130.)

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