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Under unfavorable growth conditions, Thiocapsa species may form aggregates of cells embedded in slime, similar to species of Thiocystis, Allochromatium, and Marichromatium. Depending on culture conditions, the cell diameter of Thiocapsa species may vary considerably. Two of the presently known species, Thiocapsa rosea and Thiocapsa pendens, contain gas vesicles; Thiocapsa roseo-persicina does not.

Thiocapsa roseopersicina has been found in freshwater, brackish water, and marine habitats, and a characteristic of this species may be the rather indifferent response to low salt concentrations, allowing development and successful competition in freshwater, brackish water, and marine environments. However, comparative sequence analyses indicate that a number of strains isolated from the marine environment and tentatively assigned to this species, could possibly be distinguished at the species level (Guyoneaud et al., 1998b). These bacteria behave indifferently to low salt concentrations and may be regarded as halotolerant, but not halophilic.

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