Ec tothiorhodospiraceae ML fem n Ectothiorhodospira type genus of the family aceae ending to denote a family ML fem pl n Ectothiorhodospiraceae the Ectothiorhodospira family

This family contains phototrophic purple sulfur bacteria that perform anoxygenic photosynthesis with bacteriochlorophylls and carotenoids as photosynthetic pigments and strictly chemo-trophic bacteria. Cells spiral, vibrioid, or rod-shaped, motile by means of polar flagella, divide by binary fission, with or without gas vesicles. Gram negative and belong to the Gammaproteobac-teria. Phototrophic representatives preferably grow anaerobically in the light using reduced sulfur compounds as electron donors, oxidize sulfide to S0, which is deposited outside the cells, and eventually in the peripheral periplasmic space of the cell body, forming sulfate as the final oxidation product. Phototrophic Ectothiorhodospiraceae are found in marine to extremely saline environments containing sulfide and having an alkaline to extremely alkaline pH. Species of this family are the most halophilic eu-bacteria.

Type genus: Ectothiorhodospira Pelsh 1936, 120.

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