Differentiation of the species of the genus Halorhodospira

Characteristic properties for differentiation of Halorhodospira species are summarized in Table BXII.y.10 of the chapter describing the family Ectothiorhodospiraceae. The genetic relationship of Ha-

lorhodospira species based on 16S rDNA sequences is shown in Fig. BXII.y.19 of the chapter describing the family Ectothiorho-dospiraceae.

List of species of the genus Halorhodospira

1. Halorhodospira halophila (Raymond and Sistrom 1969) Imhoff and Suling 1997, 915VP (Effective publication: Imhoff and Suling 1996, 110) (Ectothiorhodospira halophila Raymond and Sistrom 1969, 125.)

ha.lo'phi.la. Gr. n. hals salt; Gr. adj. philos loving; M.L. fem. adj. halophila salt-loving.

BXII.y.21). Color of cell suspensions in the absence of polysulfides and S0 is red. Absorption spectra of living cells show maxima at 378, 488, 520, 554, 590, 799, 831-835, and 886889 nm. Photosynthetic pigments are bacteriochlorophyll a (esterified with phytol) and carotenoids of the spirillo-xanthin series with spirilloxanthin as the predominant component.

TABLE BXII.y.10. Differential characteristics of Habrhodospira species3


Habrhodospira hahphila

Halorhodospira abdelmalekii

Halorhodospira halochloris

Cell diameter (|m)

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