19:G mcyclo7-8

"Symbols: +, <5%; ++, 6-15%; + + +, 16-60%; + + + +, >60%.

bStirred cultures were grown autotrophically at 28°C (Nitrospira moscoviensis at 37°C) and collected at the end of exponential growth. Modified from Lipski et al., (2001).

List of species of the genus Nitrococcus

1. Nitrococcus mobilis Watson and Waterbury 1971, 224AL eration time is 10 h. Optimum temperature range, 25-30°C.

mo'bi.lis. L. adj. mobilis movable, motile. Optimum pH range, 7.5-8.0. The type strain was isolated

The morphological, cultural and biochemical charac- from equatorial Pacific seawater.

teristics are as described for the genus. The minimum gen- The mol% G + C of the DNA is: 6L3 (Bd).

Type strain: ATCC 25380.

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