We Get to the Reasons Why Your Teen Has Chosen a Virtual World over the Real World

Our wilderness programs have been helping young people ages 11 to 18 for over twenty-five years.  We take our students out into the wilderness where they learn through a natural “cause and effect” curriculum. For example, if you don’t wear appropriate clothes, you get cold.  If you don’t plan ahead for rain, you get wet.  Most teens quickly learn you can’t test Mother Nature. Of course, we never allow any child to endure harsh consequences such as frost bite just to teach them a lesson. 

 The treatment program has three phases: intake and orientation, the actual wilderness experience, and aftercare support. 

Safety Is Our First Priority

Your child will be hiking and exploring the wilderness as he or she receives constant training and education from our staff professionals. One therapeutic method our wilderness programs use is Dialectical Behavior Technique.  Dialectical Behavior Technique can help teens improve social behaviors, regulate emotions, and tolerate stress. The teen develops a system of self-balance that allows him or her to accept their own decision-making process at any given moment.  Dialectical Behavior Technique helps teens who have been isolating because of their video gaming by increasing their sense of social well-being and decreasing their anxiety levels as they learn more appropriate real-world peer interactions.

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Once your teen returns from the wilderness experience, he or she enters the SUWS aftercare support program.  We work closely with parents, family members and the teens themselves to help them retain the new skills they have gained.  We also help each teen make a smooth transition to a home setting or therapeutic boarding school, if recommended. 

 We believe that we have a lot to offer teens who have isolated themselves through obsessive video game plaing.  Our goal is to find the appropriate treatment for your teen so that he or she can have a brighter future.

A New Approach to Helping Kids with Video Game Addiction

If you are the parent of a child who obsessively plays video games to the detriment of school work, family life, or real-world social development, , you may wonder how a wilderness experience might benefit your child.    

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 The answer is a low staff ratio, one professional staff for every four students, and a stream of constant interventions to help your teen learn to better tolerate stress and frustration and to teach him or her appropriate social skills. Your child will interact with professionals twenty-four hours a day.  No moment is without purpose or intent and although the treatment is very short, it is also very intense. 

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