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We specialize in educating adolescents and teenagers who may not be reaching their full potential in their current school.

Are You Frustrated...

...by the way your local school is working with your child who has ADD/ADHD?

Would you like to find a school that can effectively address your child's behavioral, educational, social and emotional needs?

Are you starting to worry about the long-term damage that might result from your local school’s inability to help your child?

We Teach the RIGHT Way

If Attention Deficit Disorder or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder is having a negative impact on your adolescent or teenager’s performance in school, now is the time to start exploring ways to get the academic and therapeutic support that can turn things around.

Specialized boarding schools with expertise in ADD/ADHD give formerly struggling students the opportunity to change their lives, rediscover their self-worth and pursue a successful and productive future.

We understand the unique challenges that are facing your child and affecting your entire family – and we know we can help. Contact us today, and give your child the best possible chance for a brighter tomorrow.

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Aspen Education:
A 360° Education

What is a 360 education? It's an education that includes academics, creative development, personal growth, and physical health. It's about education the WHOLE child.

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We stay informed about the latest findings on what works with ADHD - like Green Time. If it helps kids with ADHD to spend time outdoors every day, they should spend time outdoors. EVERY DAY.